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Palmer Creevey - Saddened

June 2008



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Jun. 24th, 2008

Palmer Creevey - Bright Smile

Palmer Creevey Post [Final Task]

June 24, 2020

That was amazing.

I know, I know. Usually when a Creevey says something is amazing, you have to wonder just how amazing it really was. My sister has sort of made a Creevey's view of amazing questionable in the one year she was here before me.

But honestly... I swear up and down that the final task was the task to end all tasks (which it did, but that's beside the point). I know I should be more disappointed... Hogwarts came in dead-last after all, and everyone is a little down about that, but... it was close! And all three Champions were amazing!

I followed my sister around after is was all over and she tracked down all three of the Champions. Requiem was pretty cool. I asked him how to say 'wicked' in French and he told me... but I forgot what it was now. I would have written it down, but I couldn't work out the spelling. Hans was pretty interesting, too. I asked him what language he spoke, and he told me it was Norwegian.  He's not that brilliant at English, so he had a little trouble translating English back to Norwegian to give me any interesting words. He showed me a few cool spells, though, so I was pleased.

I know most of Hogwarts is disappointed, but I think it's wicked we got to have the Tri-Wizard at all. It was really interesting going to school with all of the foreign kids for a year. I'm going to miss them when they're gone. I don't know many of them well, but there were a few who talked to me through the term.

Who knows... maybe some of them will transfer? Hans mentioned off-hand that he'd like to finish his final year of schooling here, but he wasn't sure if that was allowed. I heard one of the French kids is going to be looking for a job in Diagon, so apparently we haven't seen the last of everyone who was here.

So.... who all thought it was ruddy scary that they actually let a quintaped loose on the Champions? I mean... well... it wasn't really one -- one of the older students told me afterward that it was just a boggart that took one's shape, but wow. That's one of the most dangerous creatures in the world, right? Did anyone see that look on Professor Hagrid's face? I fancy it's a good thing Isle of Drear was made Unplottable (yeah, I read up on it in the library).

Anyroad... I guess it's time to go to bed. I'm still fairly wound, but I want to be able to get up early. There's only a week left at Hogwarts until everyone goes home!

- Palmer Creevey

May. 25th, 2008

Palmer Creevey - Leery

Palmer Creevey Post 001

May 25, 2019

I dunno why, but I really don't want to go to classes this week. A lot of people are getting antsy, and Paige has been telling more lies than usual, but with the end of the term getting closer... I'm just tired.

Is this how it always is for first-years, or am I just odd?

There was a notice posted on the board in Gryffindor Tower today -- Hogsmeade weekend is next weekend.

If I weren't still stuck in first year, that might make me feel a little more excited about the week. But no. It's just for third-years and up, right? It's really unfair.

Maybe Hugo will think up something for us to do while everyone else is gone...

- Palmer

Jan. 25th, 2008

Palmer Creevey - Leery

Palmer Creevey Post

Public Entry
Jan. 25th, Friday

I've put fliers up all over the school, but I thought I'd go ahead and make a note in here, too. I told Paige about it also, so I really dunno why I'm bothering. Half the school will know by noon with how much she talks.

Anyway! I'm starting a club, and I was going to see who wanted to be in it with me. I guess mostly younger kids are going to find it any fun, though...

I'm calling it the Exploration Club, and what we're going to do is meet up once a week and explore the castle -- find hidden passages and stuff.

If anyone's interested, sign up here and I'll make a list, okay?

Thanks, guys!

- Palmer


Exploration Club
- Palmer Creevey
- Paige Creevey
- Cassi Corner
- Aisling Roarke
- Sam Goyle
- Cheyenne Wood

Jan. 12th, 2008

Palmer Creevey - Bright Smile

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